May 7, 2017 Pastor Gregory Cheeks Topic: Characteristics of True Christian Love

I John 3:11-18

The old folks used to say, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

vs.16 By this we know love, that he laid down his life for us; and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren. 

vs. 17 For God sent the Son into the world, not to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him. 

vs.  18 He who believes in him is not condemned; he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God.

Point 1: Christian love is always in keeping with His word and the commandments he left us. 

Point 2: Christian love is always in mission/movement vs. 17 (If you have all of this worlds richest and see your brother in need and don't lend a hand then, that is not love. 

Point 3: Christian Love is always a response to God's love for us. vs. 18 Not to love in words but, in action and in deed for by this will all men know that we are Christ's disciples by our love for our fellow man.

Love in action is what really counts!  

We preach truth with compassion and love.

Sermon-Lord I believe but Help my unbelief Mark 9:14-29 August 6, 2017

There was a man, like any man that did not want to pay others to do work on his home after a storm. He said I can do it myself. It will not take that long . Any of you ever feel that way? Of course, you have. So he went on the roof and trying to clean off the limbs  and the leaves . But, it was harder than he thought and it took longer than he expected. He got hot, tired and, dizzy. and he lost his footing. So, as he is falling ,he is able to catch the gutter with one hand. 

As he looks down and sees how far it is to the ground he does a smart thing and he looks up. He says to the heavens, My God can you help me? So, then the clouds parted and the voice of God answers and says, I am here my child just let go.

The man looks down and then looks up again and says, Is there anybody else up there that can help me?

Now, we can all laugh it up at his foolishness but, we all are guilty of the same thing. Saying we believe but, believing half-heartedly. We sing, "Take Your burdens to the Lord and leave them there" at church. We go to the altar and pray for all the issues in our life and then, pick  them up and take them back with us.

Try these 3 Steps and watch your FAITH increase  . 

1.Keep Looking Up to GOD (PSALM 121)

2.Let Go and Let GOD (Hebrews 12:1-2 )

3.Take A LEAP of FAITH.-GOD will never leave you or forsake you. If GOD says LEAP -JUMP TO IT.

2018 Church Theme: Prayer Still Works! James 5:13-16

In this life we will have some difficult days.

Take your situations to God in prayer.

Acknowledge that you have no power alone and you are totally dependent on Him for help. 

Prayer is a privilege and a spiritual requirement/command. II Chronicles 7:14 & Luke 18:1

God hears our prayers. St. John 11:42

We are to use prayer as a offensive weapon. Ephesians 6:18-19

Rise above worry with prayer. Phillipians 4:6-7

Pray without ceasing.

We have not because we ask not. James 4:2-3

We have not because, we ask amiss (for the wrong purpose). 

Pray the Word! Use God's own words in yoru prayers John 15:7

He will hear and deliver. II Chronicles 20:9

Don't forget to participate in the process.

Lastly, Stand Still and See the Salvation of the Lord!

Make a decision today to prayer. 

Prayer still works!

  • Are you Content in your Circumstance? Sermon by Rev. Cynthia Carradine on February 12, 2017

    Scripture Reference: Philippians 4:10-14

    Our Society is marked by an "Inextinguishable Discontent."  Our quest is Better & what is next?  We want a better job with better pay & a better boss. We want better relationships &  a better car.  We have a propensity to live endlessly for the next thing - the next weekend, the next vacation, the next experience.  We are never satisfied, never  content and Even envious of those who have what we have not attained or accumulated.

    The definition of Contentment  (in biblical tense) - Satisfaction in God's Sufficient Provision

    Contentment is like a cup of cold water to a man in a desert. Get it?  Desert means thirst.

    Contentment is the Promised Land!!!  When we left the children of Israel wandering in the wilderness, they were caught up in the "we want more" attitude.  What lessons do you suppose God wanted to teach them by providing only enough manna for their daily needs and no more?   

    Examples of Discontented thinking - Yours or those you have observed:

    God, you've provided a job for me, but I want ______"

    Why do you think some of the Israelite's hoarded the manna God provided?

    They were not satisfied to just receive a DAILY blessing, Like some of us!

    Let's look at what Paul said in Vs. 11. When he had much, he knew how to use it.  He had asked of God that he might be kept humble.  That when his cup ran over he might not let it run to waste--so also that he might be ready to give to those who had need.

    When we are full, we forget GOD.  We are satisfied with the earthly things  and are content to do without heaven.  Being full is a much harder lesson.

    Contentment invites us to look Vertically ---at God. When we look in his direction, regardless of our possession or lack of status or Lack of, we know that HE is enough!

    Contentment  comes when we can honestly say & agree with the apostle Paul,  "I know both how to have a little, and I know how to have a lot.  In any and all circumstances, I have learned the secret (of being content) - whether well-fed or hungry, whether in abundance or in need.  I am able to do all things through Him who strengthens me."

    Live one day at a time - "And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus"

    If you know Jesus, you have a God who hears you, the power of love behind you, the Holy Spirit within you and all of heaven ahead of you.

    Peace & Blessing to each of you!


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